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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Your word is your bond: a rant.

There are seventeen countries which use the sort of money called the Euro. Some of them are quite hard up, and these countries think it would be a jolly good idea if the others shared their money around a bit.

For some reason, however, the countries with plenty of money don't seem to agree.

Faced with this difficulty, I was charmed to see that Olli Rehn (whose job it is to keep the Euro countries friendly with each other) has come up with a cunning plan.

One way money could be shared around is by making things called Euro bonds, which, as you can tell from the sound of them, are a way of tying all the Euro-using countries together so that all their money is in the same pot. 

And what is Mr Rehn's cunning plan? Well, he's suddenly started calling them stability bonds instead of Euro bonds.

Now, of course everyone wants stability: and all of a sudden instead of being ropes to tie people to their needy neighbours, the bonds have become guy ropes to prevent the whole caboosh blowing away in a storm.

Cunning, eh?

And, given the immense power words have over the human brain (which is the same sort of power that air has over the human lungs)  it might even work, too.

All because of one small word.

Cunning. Devilish cunning.

Word To Use Today: stability. This word comes from the French word estable, from the Latin word stabilis, which means steady, from stāre, to stand.

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