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Friday, 27 July 2012

Word To Use Today: Olympic

Sorry, but I'm afraid the Olympics is inescapable.

Now I can't see the point of the Games, myself. I mean, it's not as if we don't know what'll happen. People will run around a track, and one of them will get to the finishing line very slightly before the others. Or they'll throw themselves or some other object slightly further than their brother competitors.

Personally I think the Olympics would make more sense if we required, as in ancient times, that all countries taking part were at peace; or if the Games were played in order to flatter and pacify some great power with a penchant for hurling thunderbolts about.

(It was Zeus in Ancient Greece:) 


Zeus looks rather sweet (and camp) in this statue, but he was seriously dangerous when he was riled, was Zeus.

Olympic means to do with Olympus, which is a mountain in North West Greece. It's where the gods lived. There are actually two other Mount Olympuses, one in Washington in the USA, and one on Mars.

The one on Mars is the highest of the three by about 24 kilometres.

Things to do with Olympus can be Olympian, as well as Olympic. Olympian can mean majestic or god-like, to do with the mountain, the gods, or the Games, or so superior as to be utterly useless.

Or, in America, a competitor at the games.

Good luck and much joy to every one of them, I say.

For me, I genuinely hope they all win.

Word To Use Today: Olympic. The Games are called after the place where the god Zeus defeated his father Kronos and set up home.

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  1. I propose to enjoy every minute of the Opening Ceremony. After that, I'll catch what's catchable in the newspapers. Coverage will be very full, I'm sure! I do not like the little Olympic mascot thingie but don't mind the buzz and fun.