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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Touch and go: a rant.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the Good Ideas catalogue brings us:

...a nifty kitchen utensil that will make opening tins quick and simple...

Touch and Go Opener

Apparently you put the device on top of the can, press the button, and the thing travels round cutting off the lid as it goes.

And what is this miracle called?

The Touch and Go Electric Can Opener.

Well, it made me laugh.

Hey, but do you know something? I think I'll stick with my old-fashioned hand-cranked works-every-time tin-opener, all the same.

And I think, on reflection, that I might stick with not eating tinned peas, too.

Word To Use Today: idea. This word is Greek and means model, pattern or notion, from idein, to see.

PS By the way, that seems to be an Italian tin of peas, so let's be generous and assume that a translation glitch is at the root of the problem.


  1. Wow. Just think of all the blog posts I could write if I didn't have to stand there like a mug manually opening every tin of beans ...

    1. Ah, the demands of the world sap our genius, Eddie. But let us smoke a gloomy Gitanes on la Rive Gauche and decide to endure, hein?

      PS More tinned venetables in tomorrow's thrilling installment...