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Monday 17 August 2015

Spot the frippet: fleuron.

Fleuron? Isn't that some sort of an alien? Or is it that chemical capable of eating through glass? 

Um. Something that makes your teeth glow in the dark?


Well, then, what is it?

A fleuron can be a flower-shape used as a decoration (though sometimes (though not here) the word decoration is used in its very loose sense):

Salesman's sample book from 1929 America.

Fabric from Japan.

The other meaning of fleuron is a decorative bit of pastry. You know, a bit stuck on to make a pie look a bit more thought-about.

An extra pat on the back if you see someone wearing fleurons while eating them.

Examples seen in a mirror will probably be of a very happy person indeed. 

Spot the frippet: fleuron. This word comes from the Old French floron, from flor, flower.


  1. I didn't know the pastry meaning but did know the fabric one!

    1. Good for you: I always assumed it was a radio-active alien.


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