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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Thing Not To Do Today: wait.

What are we waiting for?

Well, in my case it's a sofa, but as for it the second coming? The Iceman? The train? Godot? The plumber? Wisdom? A parcel? The lift? The toaster? The post (well, the mail if you're in America)?

The headache tablet to work? Christmas?

To be old enough to go to town by yourself? To graduate? To retire?

For the Great Northern Diver to surface? For him to say I love you?

To win the lottery? know something? You could waste your whole lifetime waiting: couldn't you?

File:Busy Waiter.jpg
Picture by Visitor7

Thing Not To Do Today: wait. This word comes from the Old French waitier, and is related to the Old High German wahtēn to wake.

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