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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Thing Not To Do Today: be a churl.

'Look at my picture, Uncle Andrew!'

'Hmm. Well, we'll have to hope you turn out to be good at something else, won't we.'


'What have you done for starter? Good heavens, I didn't believe that people still serve avocado.'


'Wildflowers, do you call them? A can of weedkiller's what this place needs.'


It's very easy to be churlish, but remember this: firstly, it makes people hate you, and, secondly, it reveals you to be a churl.

Still, if you believe that spreading unhappiness is a worthwhile return for a moment's imaginary triumph then I suppose that's the way to go.

Thing Not To Do Today: be a churl. A churl is a surly ill-bred person (ill-bred = no manners). Churl used to mean a farm labourer. It comes from the Old English ceorl, and is related to the Greek ger┼Źn, old man

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