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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Nuts and Bolts: pentastich.

Pentastich is such a nice, silly, pompous-looking word. Even better, it means something really quite simple.

A pentastich is a poem, or distinct chunk of a poem such as a verse, that has five lines.

Like this:  

A woman who thought it a wheeze
To take BAs, MAs and LitDs
Collapsed from the strain
That way making it plain
She was killing herself - by degrees.

Boom boom!

There are of course more serious versions of the pentastich, but you get the idea.

Thing To Recite Today: a pentastich (you say the last bit STIK). The penta bit is from the Greek penta, five, and the stich bit comes from the other Greek word stichos, which means row, line, or verse.

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