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Saturday, 23 December 2017

Saturday Rave: The Virgin's Song. Anonymous.

In a year that's seen Greggs, a large British bakery chain of shops, produce an advertisement showing three kings venerating a sausage roll placed in a manger, I feel the need for something still and beautiful and tender.

This poem was written some time after 1300. It's about someone homeless and cold and heart-breakingly poor.

Except in...

...but read it, and you'll see.

Jesu, sweetė sonė dear,
On poorful bed lies thou here,
And that me grieveth sore;
For they cradle is as bere,
Ox and assė be thy fere;
Weep I may therefóre.

Jesu, sweetė, be not wroth,
Though I n'avė clout nor cloth
Thee on for to fold,
Thee on to foldė ne to wrap,
For I n'avė clout ne lap
But lay thou thy feet to my pap
And wite thee from the cold.

...except in love.

Madonna and Child from Tauberbischofscheim. Now in the Bode-Museum, Berlin

Word To Use Today: poor. This word comes from the Latin pauper.

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