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Friday, 5 January 2018

Word To Use Today: ectoplasm.

Does ectoplasm exist?

A spiritualist will tell you that it does, and that ectoplasm is the substance which comes out of a person when they are in a trance and communicating with the dead.

(I understand the stuff can't be detected by unbelievers.)

But what would a scientist say? What about a cytologist, who studies the cells which make up living things? Would he believe in ectoplasm?

Well, what do you think?*

Word To Use Today: ectoplasm. This word is made up of the Greek ektos, which means outside, and plasm, which in biology means to do with cells and comes from the Greek plasma, something moulded.

*Yes, a scientist would believe in ectoplasm because to him ectoplasm is the outer layer of the innards of some cells, especially protozoa. 

File:Radiolaria scheme.svg

This is a sea protozoa called Radiolaria. Its ectoplasm is the stuff numbered 10 and is a clear gel.

Illustration by Franciscosp2

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