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Thursday, 13 June 2019

Being radiant: a rant.

Brides are said to be radiant (though the unkind have been known to claim they're merely flushed with victory).

Saints are also said to have a nice line in radiance, but I can't think of any other examples. This isn't surprising, because radiant means shining (though only in a good way. Shiny noses and bald patches, sadly, don't count).

Still, hope springs eternal in the human breast, and so when I received a Lands' End catalogue and saw something described as radiant I was intrigued.

Well, I was until I saw it what it was describing.

Was it a halo with built-in solar-powered fairy lights?


It was a bucket hat in a fabric Lands' End describes as radiant navy.

Radiant navy?

Navy. As in, dark blue.


Ah well. 

I suppose at the worst the thing would at least cover up a bit of my face.

Word To Use Today: radiant. This word comes from the Latin radiāre to shine, from radius, ray of light.

The Latin word radius also means spoke, which is where the geometrical term came in.

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