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Sunday, 15 September 2019

Sunday Rest: eutaxia. Word Not To Use Today.

A Greek scholar might guess that eutaxia is the state of enjoying things arranged neatly - and the rest of us the word might suggest the natural disgust felt at having to give money to the government. 

But we would all be wrong, because eutaxia is actually an engineering term which describes something that can be easily melted.

Still, if you can find a work of literature which includes the sentence The butter existed in its usual state of eutaxia then you will at least have some idea what it's going on about, won't you.

Sunday Rest: eutaxia. Eu- is to do with the Greek word eus, which means good; -taxia, I should imagine, comes for the Greek word taxis, which means order. 

What this has got to do with things melting I have no idea at all.

 By the way, eutaxis is the state of having a fifth secondary flight feather. 

This is, however, only likely if you are a bird.

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