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Friday, 4 October 2019

Word To Use Today: offendatron.

Offendatron is a newish word, but a wonderfully useful one.

It describes someone who seizes the smallest opportunity to take offence with the intention of making an opponent look unprincipled or unfeeling.

It's a word I fear we shall be needing often. 

Word To Use Today: offendatron. This word starts with the word offend, obviously. The Latin word offendere means to strike against. The -atron bit is a traditional robot or powerful machine name suffix whose origins I can't track down, though I note that a Major Metallitron features in Dragon Ball, which was launched in 1984, and that Megatron is a chief baddy in the Transformers franchise.

(A megatron was originally an electron tube devised in increase the range and power of radio fields. The -atron bit here comes from the word electron.)

The word offendatron seems to have been coined by the writer and game designer MAATOHA.

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