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Thursday, 19 December 2019

The Gentlemen of the Press: a rant.

Now the dust from Britain's General Election has settled (if it has: I'm writing this on Polling Day) we know, officially, who the villains are.

Yes, I'm afraid that to quite a large extent it's been the Gentlemen of the Press.

(And the Ladies, I must say, have sometimes been no better.)

So, gentlemen, here are some hints for the future: 

if you want someone to talk frankly and honestly then you have to make him believe he's among friends (though not necessarily approving ones) and not among enemies;

if you want him to stop speaking in slogans then put him in a comfortable chair, not behind a lectern. Lecterns are designed for slogans;

if you have made a habit of seizing on any small ambiguity or attempt at humour and making it into something of immense reputation-damaging importance then naturally no one will dare say anything new.


So, please, gentlemen, how about taking a step back and thinking about your purpose? You have a profession, and perhaps a vocation.
Because what many of you are doing a lot of the time is about as edifying and subtle as graffiti.

Word To Use Today: some honest ones. The word honest comes from the Latin word honōs, which means honour.

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