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Tuesday 25 January 2011


Thing to do today: smirk.

There are two sorts of smirk - the smug smirk (hey, try saying SMUG SMIRK very quickly five times, because I can't) and the scornful smirk.

A smirk is a smile GONE BAAAAAAAD!

It's the sort of word teachers used to use long long ago when I was at school (perhaps they still do) stop smirking, boy!

I hope something smirk-worthy (in the smug way, there's no need to be horrible) happens to you today.

Smirk has been an English word for a long time. Even before we had the word smirk there was an Old English word smer, which meant scorn, and back further still there was an Old High German word bismer, which meant contempt.

But please only smug smirks, not scornful ones, okay?

I think I'm going to have to practise in front of a mirror...

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