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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Thing To Do Today: sigh.

Now, here's something we can all do: sigh.

It's all right, there's no need to be sad about it. We can sigh with pleasure as we throw ourselves into an armchair. Sigh with relief as we find the shop still has some of those voluptuous and decadent  chocolate doughnuts.

Sigh with delight (or possibly with revulsion, according to taste) at a baby's smiling face .

Sigh at the beauty of a sunset.

Sigh with yearning at a diamond. Or a beautiful young thing. Or a pony. Or a skirt.

On the other hand if you enjoy complaining you can sigh with annoyance as that dropped coin rolls under the fridge, or as it starts raining AGAIN, or as your garden gets over-run by luminous wombats who insist on eating your garden furniture and singing drunkenly in the moonlight.

But hey, don't just sigh if that happens. Make a video.

And a fortune on YouTube.

Do send us a link.

Thing To Do Today: sigh. This word comes from the Old English word sīcan, but no one knows where it came from before that.

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