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Friday 5 February 2016

Word To Use Today: wharf.

Quebec Wharf, late 1800s.

I'm trying to think of an intellectually coherent reason to recommend this word, but I'm afraid I mostly love it because it sounds like the laugh of an extremely old colonel.


The word wharf has been extended into some interesting forms: there's wharfage, which can mean either a fee for mooring a ship, or the place where you moor them; wharfinger, the owner or manager of a wharf; and wharf rat, which can be either a brown rat, or a person who hangs about wharves, probably for no honest purpose. 

The word wharf is, though, at its most irresistible entirely on its own.

Wharf! Wharf!

Word To Use Today: wharf. This word comes from the Old English hwearf, heap.

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