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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Sunday Rest: Brexit. Word Not To Use Today.

It's hard to believe this word hasn't featured as a word-not-to-use-today before. I've written about Grexit, however, and many of the arguments against that horror of a word are, naturally, relevant to the word Brexit.

Brexit, though, has an extra and glorious facet as a word to avoid.

It sounds far too much like...

Well, listen to the wise words of John McDonnell, the British Shadow Chancellor (he's the person who'd be in charge of Britain's money if the Labour Party had won Britain's General Election instead of coming second).

Britain, he warns, is 'hurtling towards a chaotic breakfast that will damage our economy!'.

A chaotic...


Well, I suppose it's possible Mr McDonnell is right, but I think he erred when he went on to say that people who voted to leave the European Union 'don't want a bankers' breakfast any more than I do.'

I quite fancy the idea of a bankers' breakfast, myself. Just for special occasions. A glass of something bubbly, a duck egg or two with a truffle grated over them, perhaps blinis with a little caviar and sour cream...

Sharing this enthusiasm is Welsh Conservative leader Andrew R T Davies, for, as he said as his party's conference in Birmingham a little while ago, 'mark my words: we will make breakfast - Brexit! - a success'!

Well, I suppose if you lay on a mixed buffet you can't really go wrong, can you.

Word Not To Use Today: Brexit. This is, obviously, a mash-up of Britain and exit. Apart from the danger of saying breakfast by mistake, using this word is likely arouse very strong passions and can indeed be Highly Explosive. Really best avoided if you want to keep your friends.

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