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Monday 11 April 2022

Spot the Frippet: trellis.

 How to get some height in the garden without blocking out the sun - or your neighbours' sun, for that matter - or creating a dry patch where nothing will grow?

Stick up a bit of trellis, of course.

It can go on the walls:

Or you can use it to make a wall:

illustration by WAF

You can grow flowers:

wallpaper by William Morris and Philip Webb

Or food:

Or just screen the shed:

The question, though, is this:

Why does a trellis begin with tre-Basically, what's it got to do with three?


Spot the Frippet: trellis. This word comes from the Old French treliz, which was a kind of fabric with a very open weave. Before that it came from the Latin trilīcius, which means woven with three threads, from tre- plus līcium, which means thread. 

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