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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Saturday Rave

I know this is supposed to be a weekday blog, but I was thinking about this wonderful book and I couldn't resist sharing a bit of it.

The book is THE LAND OF GREEN GINGER by Noel Langley.

Almost every sentence delights me. This one comes from almost the beginning.

As long ago as long ago, and as long ago again as that, the City of Peking in Ancient China rang with jubilation, for a son and heir had been born to the Emperor Aladdin.

I love the swooping sound of the opening, which makes the setting recede into misty splendour, and then the chongs! of rang and jubilation - you can almost hear the celebratory bells chiming.

And who could resist the promise of a son and heir?

Jubilation is linked to a Latin word, jubilare, which means to give a shout of joy. And why not!

Odd job for today: start a to-do list for a genie. (Just in case.)


  1. Loved this, Sally. I, too, am forever thinking, 'Where did that word come from?'

  2. Welcome to The Den, Sue!
    Yes, I find ignorance exciting...wouldn't it be horribly dull to know everything?

  3. And good to be reminded of a book I loved when I read it yonks ago. There's a word for you, Sally. Yonks.

  4. Yonks...yes, a glorious little word, that. That one's like a cracked bell.
    Shall muse on't!