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Sunday, 30 January 2011


Is a day of rest.

I wonder why it isn't spelled Sonday, though?

You'd have thought the monkish scribes would have latched onto that possibility. Why, it would even have made the word rhyme properly with Monday.

I can only guess that they must have cared about the original meaning of the word very much. And good for them.

Non-activity for Sunday...


  1. The Welsh for Sunday also begins SU - Dydd Sul, even though it comes from the Latin dīēs Sōlis, which begins SO.

    However, just to confuse you, while 'dydd' does mean 'day', Sul on its own also means Sunday. The Welsh for sun is 'haul'.

  2. That's fascinating, Sophie. Every word in every language tells a different story. Isn't that fantastic!