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Sunday, 13 February 2011

A peaceful Sunday.

Isn't it lovely that the famously noisy Placido Domingo has a name which means Peaceful Sunday in his native Spanish?
(It's worth following that link not only for the singing, but for the sight of the very fine orchestra having to spend a lot of time going rest pah, and also for the sheer worry on the conductor's face at the end.)

Non-activity for today: listen to some quiet.
Quiet: this word is from the Latin word quiēs, which means rest.

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  1. Placido Domingo is a more appropriate name for him than you might think. I admit I'm not sure about opera houses worldwide but certainly in the UK venues I've visited, a Sunday performance is very unusual.

    So Placido Domingo does suit him better than Placido Sábado, when he could in theory (though it would be unlikely) be noisy twice in one day.