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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sunday Rest - anaglypta.

Word Not To Use Today - anaglypta.

Anaglypta is very fine, useful stuff. It's the sort of wallpaper that's covered in bumpy patterns. You can paint any colour you like, and it's a cheap, easy way of hiding battered plaster.


Oh, but what a nasty-sounding word! The ana bit reminds me of anacondas and anachronisms, and glypta make me think of black nameless stuff dripping down oily walls.

Hey, but perhaps it's just me...

Anaglypta. This word is from the Greek word anagluptos, a shallow carving, which is from gluphein, to carve.

***I do wish I hadn't put up woodchip instead, though, because it's a total pain to get off!***

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  1. Anna Glypta would be a good name for a cartoon character with long droopy slightly GREASY hair. Fabulous word and a shame it can't be used in more contexts.