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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Thing Not To Do Today: quarrel.

Yes, yes, he's an obnoxious idiot.

Yes, so is she.

And as for them...good grief! How on earth can anyone THINK that?



Sometimes it is a good, honest, and necessary to take a stand. But you know you'll be a lot better off if you do it calmly and thoughtfully, don't you.

Anyway, just think how much it'll annoy the person you're disagreeing with.

But beware, beware, for there is an even worse sort of quarrel than a shouting match; one that's even more to be avoided then the arguing kind.

This sort of quarrel is an arrow with a four-edged head, and it's fired from a crossbow:

File:Crossbow (PSF).png

Not good at all. In fact the only quarrel I can really recommend is a small square or diamond-shaped pane of glass like one of these:

 Mystical Window

See the light, don't feel the heat!

Thing Not To Do Today: quarrel. The word meaning argument comes from the Latin word querī, to complain.

The word meaning arrow and piece of glass comes from the Mediaeval Latin quadrellus, which means little square.

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