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Monday, 8 October 2012

Spot the frippet: counter.

Yes, I know, it's Monday morning and your brain, throbbing gently like an expiring octopus, is still under the impression that it's the middle of last night.

Never mind. This really is the easiest spot the frippet ever.


No, I don't expect many of you to be at gaming tables this early in the morning. I don't expect you to spot that sort of a counter.

No, nor the serving table in a shop, or the worktop in a kitchen. Who has their eyes open at breakfast time on a Monday morning?

I suppose if you'd tried to find out how many cars passed you on your way to work or school today then you yourself would be a counter...but, come on! It's Monday morning! It was quite enough effort working out how many socks you needed to cover your feet, wasn't it.

No, look:


Do you see the hole in that o? And the smaller one inside the e?

To someone who knows about type, then those holes are called counters.

So well done, you lot.

Mission accomplished.

Now pat yourself on the pack and sink gently back into your torpor, do.

Spot the frippet: counter. The word meaning gaming disc or table comes from the Old French comptouer, from the Latin computāre to compute. The word meaning hole in a letter comes from the Latin contrā, which means against.

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  1. Well, I'll be blowed. The things I learn on this website! Amazing. Thanks....I never knew I needed a word for that but suddenly I find I do.