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Thursday, 18 October 2012

War-whimpers: a rant.

Headline on the MSN home page the other day:


And, I don't know, I don't think that huge comeback needed works very well as a war cry.

Now, I admit there have been some odd war cries in the past - the ancient Athenians used to make the call of the symbol of their goddess Athena, which was a Little Owl:

but can anyone really imagine terror being struck into any opposition force by anyone, however bizarrely trousered, bawling 'huge comeback needed'?

I suppose, though, we can't expect a professional golfer to have the elegance of a Shakespeare (upon this charge cry God for Harry, England, and Saint George!); and the 'Dieu et Mon Droit!' of the Battle of Crécy is not, unfortunately, representative of the continent of Europe at its friendly best.

What else could Europe's golfers have used?

Ah but yes, I've got it. Perfect.

 How about that war cry of that great European folk hero Bob the Builder?

'Can we fix it? Yes we can!'

Word To Use Today: huge. This rather silly but endearing word comes from the Old French ahuge, but where it came from before that is, sadly, lost in the mists of time.

PS. Having said all that, huge comeback needed does seem to have worked, doesn't it. Ah well!


  1. Love that little owl cry! Thank you. Is there anywhere an owl that actually says something along the lins of too whit too who?

  2. That's an interesting question, Adele. The answer, strictly speaking, is no: a female Tawny owl, Strix aluco, goes too-whit, but not too-who - but then a male Tawny owl goes whooo, but not too-whit.
    Too-whit too-who is actually a love duet!