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Friday, 21 December 2012

Word To Use Today: lizard.

It's a particularly friendly word, lizard.

Do you see what I mean? It sits comfortably on the page or in the ear, and doesn't try to throw its weight about.


It's true there are a few poisonous lizards (though only one, the Komodo dragon:

that's likely to eat you). Mostly, unless you're very small indeed or have just laid a clutch of eggs, lizards are harmless enough .

Even if you can't bring yourself to appreciate their beauty:

Collared lizard - click to see all state reptiles
This is a collared lizard. It's the state reptile of Oklahoma.

then you can always be glad they haven't grown into dinosaurs, can't you.

Though come to think about it, I did once have an editor I used to call Godzilla...

Word To Use Today: lizard. This word comes via the Old French from the Latin word lacerta.

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