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Thursday, 14 March 2013

A real landmark: a rant.


I once wrote a small book telling the story of The Giant's Causeway (or Giants' Causeway? There were two giants, after all: the one who built it and the one who tore it to pieces) and I still like to keep an eye on developments there.
The latest development there is a £100 million golf course just up the coast.

As the Telegraph online reported on 27/2/13:
"Work...on Ulster's north coast is due to get under way later this year after a landmark ruling at the Northern Ireland High Court today."

A landmark ruling?

Okay, okay, I admit it: this isn't a rant at all.

Oh, but that turn of phrase did give me great joy.

Word to use today: causeway. This word comes from way plus cauci, which meant paved road, from the Mediaeval Latin calciātus, paved with limestone, from the Latin calx, limestone.

The Giant's Causeway is actually made out of basalt.

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