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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Nuts and Bolts: pleonasm.

Pleonasm is using more words than you need.


That's it.


I suppose I'd better shut up, then.

Word To Use Today: pleonasm. This word comes from the Latin pleonasmus, from the Greek pleonazein, to be redundant.

The word that reminded me of pleonasms was skordalia, the Greek dip. There was an ancient food called skorothalmi, but if skordalia doesn't come from that word then it may be from the Greek skordo, which means garlic, plus the Italian agliata, the Provençal aïoli or the Catalan allioli, all of which mean garlicky.

So, that means that skordalia is garlicky garlic.

Probably best avoided on hot dates, then.

Actually, it probably wouldn't be that good with most fruit.


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