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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sunday Rest: mythos. Word Not To Use Today.

Yoga in Ancient Greece

The only cool thing about the word mythos (it can be said either MITHoss or MEIthoss - though not, I hope, by you) is its plural, which is mythoi.

Mythoi are the beliefs, attitudes and values of a group of people.

What's wrong with using the word mythos? Well, firstly, hardly anyone understands it; secondly, its use always looks like showing off (this is, of course, because its use always is showing off); and, thirdly, because the word's obvious connection with the word myth gives dignity and authority to any set of values held by any group of people, however stupid, illogical, disgusting, dishonest, foul, inefficient, heartless  and cruel they may be.

The word mythos is also used (by people with so little to say that they are obliged to dress up their message to make it  incomprehensible) to mean the same as myth, or mythology.

The trouble is, having said all this about the word mythos, I'm forced to admit that it does have some use.

Because if we hear anyone use it then we know at once not to listen to a word they say.

Sunday Rest: mythos/mythoi. This word comes from the Greek muthos, fable or word.

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