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Friday, 22 August 2014

Word To Use Today: kintsukuroi

In a much-too-often broken, unhappy, quarrelsome and violent world, I bring you a word of hope.


Kintsukuroi means to mend a piece of pottery with gold, silver or platinum lacquer so that in the end its visible history becomes a thing of hope and beauty.

Gold? you may say. I have no gold.

But the gold needed to mend most broken things is available to everyone.

Isn't it.

Word To Use Today: kintsukuroi. Kintsukuroi is Japanese and means golden repair.


  1. I do know this word and this concept and I can't tell you how I LOVE the whole idea of it. Of making the flaw part of the beauty...marvellous and it's a beautiful word that I'll try and remember.

    1. I'm certainly keen to make my own flaws as beautiful as they can possibly be, Adele.