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Monday, 22 September 2014

Spot the Frippet: something arctic.

It's a long way to the Arctic Circle from here (I live at about 51 degrees North and the Arctic Circle runs along Latitude 66 degrees 32 minutes North. Which is a jolly peculiar number, now I come to think about it).

There are arctic things around here, all the same.

The Arctic Tern:

 for instance, is a remarkable and beautiful bird that doesn't do winter. It spends its whole time in the summer of either the Arctic or the Antarctic, and therefore every year has to fly from one end of the world to the other. And back again.

Something less transitory is the Arctic Fox:

 whose beautiful fur is used commercially to distract attention from less beautiful human skin. Food for the wild Arctic Fox is the Arctic Hare:

Arctic Hare 1.jpg

which, like the fox, changes its coat in the winter time so it can hide in the snow.

Realistically, though, the chances of stumbling over any arctic  creatures is, I admit, small. Who's going to spot an Arctic Char:


(though you might do, because they are farmed for food)

 or find an Arctic Willow growing in the garden? (A big one will probably only grow 15 cm high, so even if you've got one...)

Still, there are some sneaky options. An arctic is a high buckled waterproof overshoe, and any garment designed for extreme cold is called arctic clothing.

This lot:

Arctic Monkeys - Orange Stage - Roskilde Festival 2014.jpg

the Arctic Monkeys, are always keen to attract attention, and are soon to go on tour.

And then, of course, there's Arctic Roll:

File:Arctic roll.jpg
Photo: Sean Whitton (User:Xyrael)

Ice cream, jam and sponge.  Mmm...and today eating one of those is really almost a duty.


Spot the frippet: arctic. This word comes from the Latin arcticus, from the Greek arktos, bear. The bear in question was originally the constellation.


  1. And arctic lorries, Sally; don't forget about arcticulated lorries ...

    *runs for cover as Sally takes aim with something hard and pointy*

    1. I'm glad you mentioned them, Eddie. I was sorely tempted by arcticulated lorries, but concerns both for the nerves of TWD's visitors and orthography held me back.