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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Sunday Rest: sojourn. Word Not To Use Today.

People used to say this word in church (For they still recalled the events of their sojourn,  how instead of producing animals the earth brought forth gnats, and instead of fish the river spewed out vast numbers of frogs*) and it always worried me. It just used to sound so rude.

SODGE'n, they said it. Actually, it sounds so rude you could use it if you stubbed your toe. Oh sojourn!

In the end I worked out that a sojourn was a stay somewhere, but that just made it even worse.

I mean, only someone scary and horrible would make a sojourn instead of a stay: someone with grime worn into his scowl-lines; someone who would drop ash on the carpet and crumbs on the sofa; someone who would belch loudly at mealtimes and have unspeakable ways with other people's towels.

It was the stuff, literally, of nightmares.

Luckily no one has ever sojourned at my house, though some have stayed.

But the fear is still there, you know.

Vintage Luggage Images

Sunday Rest: sojourn. This word comes from the Old French sojorner, from the Latin sub, during, and diurnum, day. Though I'm afraid that sojourners have a habit of staying much longer.

*That's a bit from The Wisdom of Solomon.

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