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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Thing To Do Today: be an ensemble.

You can keep your maestros.

You can keep your auteurs, your directors, even your starry soloists: give me an ensemble every time.

Who wants to watch a Gulliver striding through the streets of Lilliput with the little people hardly visible? Aren't the little people are quite as interesting as the Great Man Himself?

And those vast orchestras labouring in terror under some autocratic baton. Is that how you create beauty?

Well, all right, okay, sometimes it is: but then orchestras are very odd things indeed. It doesn't alter the fact that one man's vision, if it prevails, must override and extinguish the vision of everyone else.

So give me an ensemble, something where the whole is even greater than sum of its great parts. Where generosity shines and everyone's talent is given a chance to be heard.

Then, just sometimes, you get something as beautiful, and as full of life and joy as this:*

You can keep your maestros, then.

Thing To Do Today: be an ensemble. This word is from the French from the Latin insimul, which means at the same time.

*If this isn't surpassingly beautiful then it's almost certainly the fault of your speakers.

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