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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Thing To Do Today: be rosy.

I'm not sure I've ever seen any rose-tinted spectacles. This is rather surprising, now I come to think about it, because more or less everything else comes in pink.

Even boxing gloves:

pink boxing gloves

Luckily, we can be rosy without the aid of spectacles. Running up a hill will bring a flush of health - or, possibly, gasping agony - to the cheeks. So will being in love, teething, and realising that you've come out with your skirt tucked into your knickers.

If you can't manage any of those, then take a rosy view of life. Just because that president is clearly unhinged it doesn't necessarily mean he'll involve the entire world in horrible slaughter. 

You might win the lottery.

Those doughnuts might not result in your getting fat.

If you're feeling too dull to be optimistic then you could always order yourself a couple of dozen roses, I suppose, and surround yourself in perfumed splendour.

File:Frederick Sandys - Grace Rose - Google Art Project.jpg
Painting: Grace Rose by Frederick Sandys.

Life might seem rosy in more ways than one, then: though it doesn't seem to have worked for poor Grace Rose in the painting above, does it.

Thing To Do Today: be rosy. This word comes from rose, of course, which probably comes from the Greek rhodon, rose.

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