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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Gifting: a rant.

It's the new proven.

What is?

That people keep gifting things (I have a feeling I was offered a raft of unique gifting opportunities just before Christmas, but surely that must have been a nightmare).

Gifting? Are they sure? Not merely giving them? Because personally I'd be happier if people stopped pretending that box of chocolates they picked up at the supermarket is something so valuable and important it requires legal expertise to transfer its ownership to someone else (legally, gifting is something you do to land or buildings) and get back to giving things.

Go just sound pretentious and silly otherwise. I mean, gift me a break, okay?

Word Not To Use Today As A Verb Unless You Really Mean It: gift. This word comes from the Old English gift which was a payment for a wife.

Now, a wife: that's something of really tremendously great value.

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