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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Thing To Do Today: be rapt.

So what has the word rapt got to do with rapture? Or with raptor, as in hawk-like bird?

Can you see any connection?

Well, it's to do with being seized: if you're rapt your attention's been seized; a hawk makes its living by seizing its prey; rapture involves being caught and transported into another state of being.

Yes, you might say, but how can I find something that'll capture my whole attention in that way? 

Well, watch some suds travel oh-so-elegantly round and round and down a plug hole.

Look at the brilliant fit of a bird's feathers.

Some, perhaps more conventional, people listen to stuff like this:

It's scary, allowing yourself to be seized.

But if you have the courage to allow it to happen you'll discover great wonders.

Thing To Do Today: be rapt. This word comes from the Latin raptus, carried away, from rapere, to seize.

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