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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Sunday Rest: edulcorate. Word Not To Use Today.

Edulcorate sounds like a method for making things boring, and, well, we've all known people with a talent for that.

Actually, though, edulcorate means to sweeten, to get rid of an acidity, to soften, or (in chemistry) to filter.

Evelyn said: Dung of said to edulcorate fruit so sensibly as to turn the bitterest almonds into sweet.

Now that may have been acceptable English in Evelyn's time, but as for nowadays...

...I suppose if you were wanting to get rid of a sweetheart then a Valentine card bearing the message You Edulcorate My Heart would probably do the trick.

File:Card; valentine card - Google Art Project.jpg

Otherwise, I'd leave it in the dictionary.

Word Not To Use Today: edulcorate. This word comes from the Latin dulcor, which means sweetness.

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