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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Thing To Do Today. Or Possibly Not: pretermit.

Okay, this word might be a bit obscure, but, hey, we don't have nearly enough words to rhyme with Kermit, do we?


What does pretermit mean? Well, if something's been pretermitted then it's either been neglected or omitted, or it's been purposefully overlooked.

It's easily done: I mean, how long is it since you've been to a Neighbourhood Meeting?

Are you going to describe all your dog's habits to your auntie?

Will you ever change the kitchen bin liner?

Good grief, pretermitting has been part of our lives for years and never even realised it.

Makes me almost feel sort of intellectual.

Thing To Do Today. Or Possibly Not: pretermit. This word comes from the Latin praetermittere, to let pass.

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