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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Sunday Rest: mactard.

What's a mactard

Some sort of mediaeval jerkin? A particularly complicated design of roof?

A spike for fending off marauding barons?

Well, no: the fact is that although mactard does have a mediaeval ring to it, it's actually a rather new word. It's also rather a nasty one. A mactard is someone who spends a lot of time telling the world that Apple computers are better than any other sort of computers, and that those people who use Apple systems are cleverer than any other sort of person.

The word mactard is used by someone who feels deeply humiliated by this opinion.

I expect there are arguments for and against Apple technology (I myself have never managed to get any Apply device to obey me) but there's surely no need to be unkind.

Well, not unless you're facing a marauding baron there's not, anyway.

Word Not To Use Today: mactard. The mac bit of this word is from the Apple brand name Macintosh, and the tard bit comes from retard, from the Old French retarder, from the Latin tardus, slow.

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