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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Sunday Rest: plantocracy. Word Not To Use Today.

File:Alciato 1550.jpg

Plantocracy? Is that when someone doesn't dare go on holiday in case their tomatoes get thirsty?

Or when someone feels absolutely compelled to go out every night with a bucket to collect the slugs homing in on the ever-so-precious dahlias?

Or does it describe the dreaded Japanese Knotweed that is said to destroy houses more or less overnight with its powerful creeping roots?

Or is it...


Well, actually, no. A plantocracy is a place where the political system is run by planters.

This is rather disappointing, because although I don't have actual proof that a potato would do a better job at ruling a country than most of the present heads of the world's governments, I can think of a few where it might well be worth a try.

Word Not To Use Today: plantocracy. The -cracy bit comes from the Greek kratos, which means power.

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