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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Taxis: a rant.

What do you want from a taxi?


Well, a safe, punctual, direct journey; a courteous driver; and a fair price.

I suppose there are also various optional extras, like phoning an alert to your house as the car glides up, seeing a picture of the driver before he arrives, choosing the type of vehicle you need, getting a lecture on the state of the world.

CHOICE TAXIS will, according to their leaflet, do everything you could possibly want and more.


Well, as it says on the flyer they put through my letterbox the other day WE ALWAYS GO THAT EXTRA MILE.

I'm just hoping they don't always charge people for it.

Word To Use Today: taxi. This word is short for taximeter cab, from the French taximètre, from the Latin taxāre to appraise, from tangere, to touch.

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