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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Thing To Consider Being Today: thifty.

The Sales are in full swing, and have been for...well, it seems to be more or less for ever.

Save! screens scream from every direction. Save Fifty Per Cent! (though naturally they don't point out that not buying whatever-it-is will save us fifty per cent more).

But, oh dear, what chance does logic have in the face of a bargain? Those orange leggings are marked down by eighty per cent! 

So is that electric belly-button brush!

That camera has a hundred features (and no instructions, most probably, so you're never going to get round to working out how to use them, but it's still wonderful, isn't it?). 

That garden storage bench will just come in so useful, especially if we move to a place with a garden and want something.

And that Danish pancake pan! I mean, you couldn't make a Danish pancake without one of those, could you? And it'd might be quite good for homemade blinis, which we'd probably eat quite often if we had a pan, even though all anyone ever wants in the morning is a bowl of cereal and some toast.

Still: it's such a bargain, isn't it, and that means it must be about saving.

In the long run.

Thing To Consider Being Today: thrifty. This word is the Old Norse for success, and seems to be something to do with the other Old Norse word thrīfa, to grasp.

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