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Thursday, 1 February 2018

A fictional bus ride: a rant.

The Queen's eyebrows were bad enough. 

The drama The Crown has had marvellous reviews, and I did just wonder about taking out a subscription for Netflix so I could watch it. It was said to have cost $100,000,000, so surely it must be worth seeing.

But then I saw a picture of the eyebrows of Claire Foy, who plays the Queen, and I decided not to bother.

HM the Queen has always had natural-looking eyebrows:


 and Claire Foy's were hardly visible. Well, if Netflicks can't be bothered to invest in a couple of false eyebrows, then can they have cared much about the rest?

I hardly think so.

And now we have the Oscar-nominated flim Darkest Hour, about Winston Churchill and the outbreak of World War Two. Again, I wondered if it might be worth seeing until I heard a sound clip, which I'm pretty sure had Churchill say I've never ridden a bus.

Well, of course he hadn't. No one in Britain rides buses, we ride on buses. The only things we ride here are horses and storms. And, again, if the film makers can't be bothered to run the script past someone who speaks British English, can the whole thing be worth my time?

Well, it's not getting it, I can tell you.


Word To Use Today: ride. This word goes right back to Old English, when it was rīdan.

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