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Saturday, 10 March 2018

Saturday Rave: An undiminishing genius. PG Wodehouse.

PG Wodehouse's last book, published posthumously (and sadly unfinished), was Sunset at Blandings.

PG Wodehouse lived to be ninety three, and he'd been constructing jokes and joyous comedy since he was very young. 

Even his school examination papers were sometimes submitted adorned with jokes.

So, was PG Wodehouse stale by the end of his long life? Had he run out of jokes? Had a life not entirely gilded soured him?

Here's a line from Sunset at Blandings:

Many a man may look respectable, and yet be able to hide at will behind a spiral staircase.

...which is not only wonderfully funny, and perfectly constructed, but full of truth and wisdom, too - and provides proof to all of us that no human life is long enough to reach the end of delight.

Word To Use Today: respectable. This word comes from the Latin r─ôspicere, to look back, or pat attention to.

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