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Sunday, 11 March 2018

Sunday Rest: slubberdegullion.

You know that horribly embarrassing thing when someone with no sense of humour tries to be funny?

Such an occasion is responsible, I fear, for the word slubberdegullion.

Luckily the word has more or less vanished, now - unless, possibly, you're a Flowerpot Man -

- but it means...well, it's obvious what it means: an untidy, grubby and/or worthless person.

(Not that there is such a thing as a worthless person, obviously.)

If you do hear this horrid word then pity the speaker. He will be either someone with no idea how humour works, an entertainer of three-year-olds, or someone desperately trying to rescue a comedy.

Sunday Rest: slubberdegullion. The slubber bit is probably a dialect form of slobber, and the rest has been attached because it's just so side-splittingly hilarious.

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