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Sunday, 3 June 2018

Sunday Rest: obesogenic. Word Not To Use Today.

Is your environment obesogenic?

I hope not, because that means it makes you very fat.

Now, the trouble is that I'm finding it difficult to imagine how an environment can make anyone obese - unless, after some unimaginable disaster, one somehow finds oneself having to eat one's way out of an enormous candyfloss machine:

illustration: By Screenshot taken with WINUAE., Fair use,

or one gets a job biting the holes out of doughnuts.

These eventualities being unlikely, I'm wondering if obesogenic is much more than an excuse for greed. So I think I'll stick with the word fattening, which is a warning, rather than obesogenic, which seems to be a sign of inevitable doom.

Sunday Rest: obesogenic. This word comes from the Latin ob─ôsus, from ob- which means (more or less) lots of, plus edere, to eat. 

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