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Thursday, 9 August 2018

Nothing wrong with that!: a rant.

I know it's ridiculous that the British government's second house isn't elected, and consists of people bearing the titles Lord or Lady, but the system does mean that the Lords tend to be old, and this (and the title) tends to make them feel obliged to be gentlemanly in speech. 

It can be quite refreshing.

Anyway, David Owen, who used to be Foreign Secretary in the House of Commons but is now one of the Lords, was interviewed for the Daily Telegraph newspaper of 30 July 2018. Lord Owen was giving his opinion of the present British Prime Minister, to whose party he has never belonged.

'I'm not going to criticise Mrs May,' he says (see? Always the gentleman, bless him) 'She was given an extremely difficult hand.' (Generous, too, even to an opponent. Isn't that typically lordly?) 'I think she has courage and she has persistence, (you can see, now, why I have an affection for the House of Lords, can't you?) 'but persistence can be very damaging,' (well, that's reasonable comment, and, after all, he has a job to do) particularly if it is basically blind-headed obstinacy.'



...just think what he might have said if he wasn't a Lord...

...or had decided to be critical...

Word To Use Today: criticise. The Greek kritikos means capable of judging, and krit─ôs is a judge.

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