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Thursday, 11 October 2018

Snail-mail: a rant.

I phoned the hospital to enquire about an urgent fax that had failed to arrive at my doctors' surgery, but I was told that the hospital doesn't have a fax machine any more.

Well, I thought that was a very good thing. There are so many faster and more effective ways to communicate: email, text, face-time type things, telephone, electronic transfer, couriers...and there are probably a dozen other new information systems of which I am not aware. Nowadays they can probably bounce messages off the moon.

I was glad that the hospital had consigned their fax machine to history.

Well, I was glad until someone said:

Still, we put a first class stamp on it, as it was urgent, which we don't usually do.

Ah well. 

I'll just have to hope it wasn't that urgent, after all.

Word To Use Today: class. This word comes from the Latin classis, which means class, rank,. or fleet, from calāre, to summon.

(But coming across the word fleet just makes things even worse!)

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