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Sunday, 7 October 2018

Sunday Rest: oroide. Word Not To Use Today.

The word oroide sounds literally horrid, doesn't it?

It's rather a horrid thing, too. Oroide is a mixture of copper and tin, or copper and zinc, or copper and goodness only knows what other metals, all squidged together make something that pretends to be gold.

Brass is oroide, and so is bronze (but not fool's gold because that's basically iron).

Let bronze be proudly bronze, I say:

File:Bronze Marcus Aurelius Louvre Br45.jpg
Marcus Aurelius: photo by Marie-Lan Nguyen 

and brass be brass:

photo by en:User:Nevilley

I mean, who wants anything made of pure gold, anyway? It'd only get bent out of shape in the exciting passages.

Sunday Rest: oroide. This word comes from the French for gold, or, plus the Greek eidos, which means form.

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