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Sunday, 10 February 2019

Sunday Rest: vishing. Word Not To Use Today.

Vishing is a silly-sounding sort of a word, and it's clearly going to be something to do with phishing, isn't it?

Well, yes, it is. It's phishing done by telephone. Someone - a person, or, more usually, an automated message - will pretend to be from some trustworthy institution, like a bank or a utility company (do feel free to interject hollow laughter at this point) in an attempt to extract enough personal details to make a quick spring clean of the recipient's bank account.

Who'd fall for that?

Only the inexperienced, naive, vulnerable, elderly or innocent. No one important, in fact.

Now, I don't dispute that it's useful to have some word to describe that activity.

But I wish it wasn't one that made the whole process sound so much like a joke. Especially when we have phone scam to make things plain and easy.

Word Not To Use Today: vishing. This word is a mix-up of voice and phishing. Phishing is basically the same word as fishing, because of the way both involve trailing bait in order to catch a prize. The word vishing is an early twenty first century invention.

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